Modelling data for NoSQL databases

Thinking process for NoSQL is completely different from SQL. If you come from SQL background, this video talk will help you learn how to think data modelling from NoSQL perspective.

Some of the topics covered with examples are,

  • Embedding vs Referencing for related data
  • When to combine both embedding and referencing data
  • Normalization vs Denormalization of data
  • Homogenous collection vs Heterogenous collection

Beginners to ProNode Js

API Design Best Practices

This visual eBook covers essential best practices for designing robust APIs using REST principles.

This book is ideal for beginners and backend developers seeking to enhance their API design skills. However, it is not suited for those seeking an in-depth exploration of API design. This book is a quick read under 40 slides like scrolling through your instagram feed.

API Design Best Practices