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We help beginners to become a pro software engineers

Learn with Param has a goal of educating 10k software engineers by 2025 through Beginners to Pro learning community πŸš€

Our mission is to build continuous learning habit by reducing social media scrolling time and make it productive by learning & teaching software engineering concepts in a fun way through short courses, eBooks, workshops and cohort based programs πŸ™Œ

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Visual Guide to API Design Best Practices

This visual eBook covers essential best practices for designing robust APIs using REST principles.

This book is ideal for beginners and backend developers seeking to enhance their API design skills. However, it is not suited for those seeking an in-depth exploration of API design. This book is a quick read under 40 slides like scrolling through your instagram feed.

Visual Guide to API Design Best Practices
Visual eBooks & Resources

Make every scroll count: Transform your screen time with Visual eBooks!

Visual eBooks designed to replace social media scrolling habits πŸ˜‰

The books are designed to be read in 30 minutes or less. They are designed to make your time productive by learning software engineering concepts in a fun way.