πŸ‘‹ I'm Param, based in Tallinn, Estonia ❀️

I am an Engineer by profession and a teacher by passion. I teach software engineers to become pro by strengthening their skills through workshops, courses and visual eBooks.

I believe through the following principles:

  • Learn by Doing
  • Learn by Teaching
  • Learn by Sharing

My teaching philosophy revolves around

  • Bite-sized learning
  • Cultivating micro-learning habits
  • Making reading fun with visual content

I started Learn with Param with the aim to help teach 10k software engineers by 2025 using my Beginners to Pro learning program.

What I teach and learn

In the large JavaScript Ocean, I am exploring few of the Islands. On my way, I love to guide through those islands for beginners and professionals.

My expertise revolves around

  • Node Js and JS++

    JavaScript world has grown into an multi-verse. You can create any kind of applications targeting desktop, web and mobile using JS. Lot of people have JS fatigue too due to number of frameworks and libraries in JS πŸ˜‰

  • React and Move Faster

    Ease of development and maintainability is the key for software development. React has been the game changer in developer experience. More and more developers are learning react based web and mobile stack to boost up their career opportunities.

  • GraphQL and its Networks

    GraphQL become buzzword in tech for recent times along with React. I foresee graphql is here to stay for long with strong communities and companies backing it. A nice to have knowledge will become must have skill on every job description in near future.

  • Platform Engineering with GCloud & Kubernetes

    DO you judge me if I say, I love to learn/teach DevOps, GCP, GKE, serverless functions and CI/CD automation? Please don't, they are fun and hardcore!

  • Flirting with Native

    I use both react native and flutter for mobile development, I love both and felt flutter is better in some aspects. But so far, I have released only react native apps to production. Love to learn more and teach more in mobile development through React Native and flutter 😎

  • Next Js Party

    Isn't Next Js belongs to React ecosystem? Yes it does. But I want to keep a special mention for this awesome framework. Oh boy, this is just a leaf out of whole Next Js plant, I can't wait to see when the plants becomes a beautiful garden.

  • Building Scalable APIs

    API building is fun, but building scalable APIs is a challenge. Your API can easily give the impression about your companies engineering culture. I love to teach and learn about building scalable APIs.

  • Tech Leadership in the Jungle

    Tech is a moving space, keeping up with the pace is a challenge. I share my continuous learning about my experience as a tech leader and a manager of high performing engineering teams.

  • MongoDB and Beyond

    I love both SQL and NoSQL, I am a strong believer of horses for the courses. Still exploring the deep oceans of both marvels 😊

  • HTML, CSS and Everything

    User interface is an art. HTML5 and CSS3 are the tools to create UI for web. Most web developers start their learning journey with HTML and CSS. Its easy to learn HTML and CSS, but takes a lot of practice to master this art.